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Santa Clause Carvings and Father Frost Carvings

We have a nice selection of finely carved and painted figures all made of solid wood and hand painted by artists in Russia.
These pieces are each unique and we have photographed each of them to give you a good idea of the wonderful details and colors they possess.
We will update this page on a regular basis so do check back for new additions as we replace those sold.

Santa with Staff$198.00

Santa with Staff

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What drew me to this piece was the facial expression and the carving and painting of the robe.
The large photo shows the details of the face and the floral design.
Note also the carved pattern on the hat and white portion of the robe.
Figure stands @ 9 1/2 inches high  

Angel with Nativity$224.00

Angel with Nativity

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A very serene Angel holding a trumpet.
The soft tones of pink and grey set off the nativity scene quite nicely.
She stands @ 9 3/4 inches tall  

Father Frost with Horses$270.00

Father Frost with Horses

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An egg shaped carving beautifully painted.
Large photo shows the winters scene in greater detail and all sides of the painting.
Piece is 6 1/2 incghes high  

Shipping Information

Shipping in the continental U.S. is a flat rate of $10.00 for USPS or UPS for orders costing up to $100.00
Orders over $100.00 ship FREE