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James Christensen Fairies
Inspired by the world’s myths, fables and tales of imagination, James C. Christensen wants his work to add up to more than a beautiful—if sometimes ‘curious’ looking work of art. Having taught art professionally for over 20 years, he likes to think of the world as his classroom. His hope is that through whatever he creates—be it a porcelain, fine art print or book—he can convey a message, inspiration or a simple laugh. He believes that teaching people to use their imagination helps us find solutions to sooth the stresses of everyday life—or get a little lift to help us keep going. In short: all things are possible when you share Christensen’s philosophy that Believing is Seeing.



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Grace the Fairie Muse of Dance  



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Melody the Fairie Muse of Music  



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Celeste the Fairie Muse of Astronomy  

Set of Queen Mab,Fiona,Adeline, and Cecily$360.00

Set of Queen Mab,Fiona,Adeline, and Cecily

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A matched numbered set of Queen Mab, Fiona, Adeline, and Cecily, picured below.  

Queen Mab$

Queen Mab

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The playwright Shakespeare and the poet Shelley fell under her spell. Countless lovers dream of her, waking to a happy bewitchment. Yet of all mortal men only one—artist James C. Christensen—has ever been granted an audience with the legendary Faerie Queen Mab. She commissioned him to paint her in the secluded glen where she holds court . And now, she has issued another royal command: to sculpt her and three of her attendants in all their enchanting glory.




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Approximately 5 inches tall  



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Approximately 5 inches tall  



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Approximately 5 inches tall  

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