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Robert Glover Fairies
In 1999, the designer Robert Glover decided that he wanted to bring his artistic skills to bear on a new range of collectible items -- some beautiful Reveries who had been haunting his imagination. Feb 1st 2000 Damosel the first of a wonderful line of creations was made. She was quickly followed by a full range of Fairies, Mermaids, and Mythicals.
When you look at these photographs you will be taken by these pieces . They are all the more remarkable in that they are quite small around 5 inches tall.
These pieces are a personal favorite and I believe capture the beauty we had until now only imagined. Seeing in this instance is truly believing.



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Here is the Reverie of passion and power. Her name is from the Latin and means 'one who grows among snow'. The symbol Anivalis brings in her keepsake box is a snowflake - its beauty as fragile and haunting as her own.  



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Cypera's name reminds us of a cygnet, the term for a young swan, which is Cypera's symbol. She is one of those rare beings called swan maidens who can change from swan to human and back again  

Autumn Harvest$55.00

Autumn Harvest

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Bells and Chymes$55.00

Bells and Chymes

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Bells and Chymes
This loveable boy on his snail shell is one of the most appealing of the faerie children. In country districts in England, the tall purple foxglove flower is often honoured with the name of the 'faerie bells'  

Safe from Harm$55.00

 Safe from Harm

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Safe From Harm
This beautiful faerie girl sits upon a fallen log. Look inside the log and you will discover sprigs of Rowan. The leaves of this tree -- also called the Mountain Ash -- were often used in medieval times to ward off malevolent spirits. Faerie children are kept safe from harm by powerful spells and charms, and the fresh, innocent quality of this small being weaves its own spell.  

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