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Landmarks and Icons Ornaments
Here we feature some of the wonderful ornaments from the company Landmark Creations whose European ornaments all come in the distinctive red gift box, nestled in acid-free tissue and accompanied by a history card.



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One of the most popular Tower of London attractions involves people: the Yeoman Warders to be exact. They were originally established in 1485 as King Henry VIII's bodyguard. They are perhaps best known for their gorgeous scarlet and gold dress uniforms which date to 1552 and are worn on state occasions.
Our ornament is of Czech Glass and our guard has a white beard and moustach and carries a staff of office.  

Big Ben$37.00

Big Ben

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One of London's most endearing and famous landmarks is the clock tower we commonly refer to as 'Big Ben.' The tower, with its richly ornamented pinnacles, parapets and spires, is actually part of England's Houses of Parliament; however, Big Ben is actually not the clock tower itself, but the main bell inside the clock!
4.75 inches high in a beautiful gift box.  

Christmas in London$25.00

Christmas in London

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A tall ornament at 6.5 inches and a very festive view of Londons famous Big Ben  

Churchill Downs$48.00

Churchill Downs

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4 inches high  

Eiffel Tower$40.00

Eiffel Tower

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Faneuil Hall$36.00

Faneuil Hall

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The town hall was the site for many impassioned and historical debates, including the issues of 'taxation without representation' and events leading up to the Boston Tea Party. It was because of these revolutionary meetings that the building came to be known as the 'Cradle of American Liberty.'
Ornament is 3.5 inches high and comes beautifully gift boxed.  

Irish Double Decker Bus$42.00

Irish Double Decker Bus

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See Dublin the best way from the top of a double decker.
Ornament is 3 3/4 inches high and comes beautifully gift boxed.  

Irish Crystal Castle$36.00

Irish Crystal Castle

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London Cab$38.50

London Cab

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Our London Taxi ornament most closely resembles the Austin FX4, which made its debut in 1958. Of the panoply of cabs in operation in London today, this familiar black taxicab has become as much an icon of British automotive culture as the Rolls Royce.

London Phone Booth$28.50

London Phone Booth

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Sherlock Holmes is giving Dr. Watson a ring from this classic phone booth. At one time found throughout Great Britain now the majority have been replaced with modern ones execept in tourist areas of London.
4.25 inches high and packed in a beautiful gift box.  

Philadelphia Liberty Bell$44.00

Philadelphia Liberty Bell

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New York Stock Exchange$44.00

New York Stock Exchange

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Queens Guard$28.00

Queens Guard

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When I think of Buckingham Palace I think of the changing of the guard, a daily occurrence watched by thousands of tourists. Have our guard fron the Scots regiment for your tree. Ornaments is 4 inches high and comes beautifully gift boxed.  

Neuschwanstein Castle$31.00

Neuschwanstein Castle

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Neuschwanstein Castle, royal palace in the Bavarian Alps of Germany, the most famous of three royal palaces built for Louis II of Bavaria, sometimes referred to as Mad King Ludwig, who grew up nearby at Hohenschwangau Castle .
Blown glass Christmas ornament imported from Poland.
Approximately 4 inches long x 2.25 inches wide x 4 inches high.  

St. Basils Cathedral$42.00

St. Basils Cathedral

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This magnificent church was built in the mid-16th century at the behest of Ivan the Terrible to celebrate his defeat of the Tartars and is situated in Moscows Red Square.
Ornament is 4.5 inches high and comes beautifully gift boxed.  

Trinity Church$36.00

Trinity Church

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Dedicated in 1877, Trinity presented a bold, fresh new face and feeling for ecclesiastical architecture in America. The Church continues to be heralded today as a celebrated example of 'Richardsonian Romanesque' design, named after its architect, H. H. Richardson who happily is my great grandfather so I enjoy my visits to it all the more.
The ornament is 4 inches high and comes beautifully gift boxed.  

Shipping Information

Shipping in the continental U.S. is a flat rate of $10.00 for USPS or UPS for orders costing up to $100.00
Orders over $100.00 ship FREE